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HSE Rules

HSE Rules

Safety and Health Rules and Regulation

Report to work alert, rested and in good physical condition.

Personal protective equipment (such as safety glasses, hearing protection, protective clothing, and footwear) must be worn when required for specific job tasks or work areas.

All accidents, incidents and injuries, regardless of how minor, shall be reported immediately to the supervisor in charge.

All work is to be performed in a safe manner according to our written policies and procedures. If you have a concern about the safety of a task, bring this to the attention of your immediate supervisor.

Understand your work assignments and perform only the job functions in which you are fully trained. Discuss any unfamiliar work assignments with your supervisor prior to beginning the task.

Possession of firearms or other weapons is prohibited on Company property, or while you are on Company business.

Horseplay or practical jokes are prohibited.

Use or being under the influence of, into intoxicants or drugs while on the job is prohibited and shall be considered cause for dismissal.

No worker shall operate equipment unless trained and authorized for its use.

A worker shall not operate a machine unless the guarding mechanisms are in place and functioning properly.

Always use the proper tool, equipment, or process for the job.

Ignoring safe work practices, policies, procedures, rules or other safety instruction could be cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

All employees shall correct an unsafe condition or practice to the extent of their authority and/or report the hazard to their supervisor.

Ignoring safe work practices, policies, procedures, rules, or other safety instruction is cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

All employees are forbidden to ride on forklifts, carriers, or other mobile equipment as passengers. Drivers of such equipment are required to wear seat belts when provided.