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Primer for 1 coat to be applied on inner surface of duct. Bitumen- to be used as adhesive on surface of the duct & the material. Pr tissue. 26 swg perforated aluminum sheet. Labor, infrastructure, tools and scaffolding for the above installation.

Cleaning the surface of the duct using waste cloth to make it free of any dust /grime applying one coat to bituminous primer on the surface and allowed to dry. Apply hot bitumen 90/15grade on the inner surface of the duct as well on the surface of the fiber glass and stick on the surface of the pipe ensuring the all the joints are sealed properly. Apply pr tissue on the surface of the insulation using bitumen as adhesive. Apply 26 swg perforated aluminum sheet the surface of the insulation using nut /bolts of appropriate size and length. Care shall be taken to ensure that all the ends are closed properly.

Bitumen &primer: relevant is code. Uptight / Owens corning – confirming to relevant BS code. Perforated aluminum sheet – confirming to specification. Application & finish: is: 14164: 1994 –industrial application & finishes of the thermal insulation material at temperatures above (-80 deg c and up to 700 deg c) – code of practice.

Material Used