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IS Mode of Measurements

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IS Mode of Measurements

Insulation over tanks, columns, vessels, exchangers and equipment

Measurement shall be taken in square meter over the finished insulation surfaces. Any other unit of measurement may also be adopted if agreed between the purchaser and the applicator.

No deduction shall be made for any area required to be left uninsulated, the area of which is equivalent to a circle of 600 mm in diameter, or less.

In case of insulated nozzles,projections or manholes, such nozzle or projection or manhole is equivalent to the area to a circle of 600 mm in diameter or less than in addition to the area of such nozzle, projection, or manhole not being deducted from the insulation measurements of the tank, column, vessel, exchanger or equipment, as the case may be, the projection of such nozzle, projection or menhole, from the insulated surface around it shall be measured as pipe insulation of appropriate diameter. If the area of the nozzle, projection or manhole exceeds the area equivalent to a circle of 600 mm in diameter, then twice the actual insulated area of such nozzle, projection or manhole shall be considered for measurement and paid for as vessel insulation, after deducting the area of the tank, column vessel, exchanger or equipment covered by such nozzle, projection or manhole.

Insulated areas with different specifications shall be specified and measured separately, such as :

  • Roof/tops of tanks and vessels incorporating hard setting composition and/or waterproofing layer.
  • Sides of larger diameter tanks and vessels where corrugated aluminum sheets are to be used; measurements being taken over the crest of corrugated sheets.
  • Insulation systems requiring special supports/structure to be provided by applicator prior to application of insulation.
  • Insulation areas clad with different thickness of aluminium sheets

Insulated fitting

For sheet-metal

For other Finishes

Valve / venturi / steam traps / Strainers including flanges and Body (upto 300 mm size)

1.50 m


Valve / venturi / steam traps / Strainers including flanges and Body ( for sizes larger than 300mm)

2.00 m

1.90 m

Pair of flanges including orifice Plate and flanges

0.80 m

0.60 m

Bends and elbows

Twice the actual length, as measured along the centre line of the piping or ducting.


Actual length of larger size ( along the centre line of piping )


2 (D1 + D2), where D1 and D2 are insulated diameters of the two pipelines forming the tee.

Any other special fitting

To be specified and measured separately on number basis

Note: Measurements of all valves, flanges and other fitting shall be based on actual count and then converted into equivalent lengths of connected piping, to arrive at the total equivalent lenghts of piping or ducting of various diameters. Fitting that connect two or more different sizes of piping / ducting shall be counted as part of the larger size.

Insulated dished ends of vessels, columns or equipment shall be considered as twice the projected plan area of the dished ends for purpose of measurement.

Insulated equipment flanges shall be measured as prescribed in 9.3.

Any mode of measurement other than the above may also be adopted, if agreed to between the purchaser and the applicator.